Be phenomenal. Join Us.

At Razer, you'll be at the forefront of the most exciting industry in the world - video games. And you'll be undertaking the greatest mission of all: bringing gamers closer to the games they love.

Cutting-edge fun.

Every year, new games are released that continually raise the bar on fun. Evolving forms of play need evolving forms of software and hardware to enjoy these games to the fullest. That's where we come in - it's our calling to continually stay ahead of the curve and design the best-in-class gaming products that let gamers have the most fun with their favorite games.

Challenge accepted.

Razer pioneered the world's first gaming mouse because we saw a problem - that gamers couldn't keep up with the pace of games like Quake using simple office-grade mice. The world of games today is even more complex and ever-changing - to stay on top of it all and deliver a phenomenal user experience requires people with mettle and drive. At Razer, we encourage lateral thinking and creative solutions whether you're in marketing, HR, operations or any other part of the company. The question is, are you game for a challenge this big?

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An incredible adventure.

With nine offices and three R&D labs worldwide, join us and you'll be playing on a global level, as teamwork at Razer transcends time zones and geographical boundaries. On top of that, we have a flat organization with upper management maintaining an open door policy. Great work is visible and rewarded so be your own powerhouse, blazing a trail of innovative ideas, products, features, services, no matter which department you're in.

For Gamers. By Gamers™

Every one of us here at Razer is a gamer. Some have played at a professional level. Others have even been involved in the development of games at companies like EA, Blizzard, and THQ. It's why we're committed to creating the best-loved products in the world - because we simply want to use them just as much as any gamer.